Play Cubee – A Slot Game in Another Dimension

Cubee is not like any other slot game you have played before. It is in another dimension altogether. Each spin of the wheel is a continuation of the one that was played before.

It is actually a time travel game where you start in the Stone Age and proceed onward in time to the Age of Pirates, the Viking Age and ultimately in Cubeeland!

[ The Stone Age – Round One ]


Before you is a blank screen with the golden hero named Cubee, the Blue Time Travel Vortex and Rocco the blue villain. If you are a self starter and prefer to learn while you play, just ignore the help screens below. But for the rest of us, a little more explanation is needed – as we explain below.

How To Play


This is more like a game of delayed gratification. Yes, throughout the first three rounds you so win money per the pay table based on the number of defeated enemies and energy balls you get in a single spin.

But the real payday comes later.

In round two, you collect free games – to be played in the last round. In round three, you collect multipliers – to be used in the last round. The game is a real quest to get to Cubeeland and win loads of money!

Bet and Autoplay

Click and use either of the two left icons to place the next bet. The third icon on the right with two arrows will start auto play of 250 spins.

Auto Play Spins Left

During autoplay, the center icon shows the number of spins left. To stop autoplay, simply press the number.

Pay Table

You want to get Energy Balls and defeat enemies to win money during the entire game. The enemies you can to defeat are called Spike, Lucifer, Casper and Bones.

6 Spikes 1 Casper and 1 Bones

None of these enemies have been defeated yet! Spike and Casper are still wearing those stupid hats

Strength Levels

Free Games and Multipliers

More Rules

Select your bet amount starting at 10 cents per spin.


Your Place in Time

In the upper left corner of the play screen, this indicator shows where you currently are in time.

  1. Stone Age – this is where everyone starts
  2. Era of Piracy – in this time you collect free games to play in the last time frame
  3. Viking Age – in this time you collect multipliers that will increase the value of your future wins
  4. Cubeeland – now you can play all those free games you collected with those multipliers you also collected

Rocco is Being Clubbed

Here you can see that Rocco is is the process of being clubbed.

Rocco’s Current Power Level

As a result of that clubbing, Rocco’s strength is reduced. Keep an eye on his power meter.

Rocco is Almost Defeated


[ Era of Piracy – Round Two ]

Rocco was clubbed, defeated and fell down – now is the Era of Piracy in round two. It is time to start collecting free games for the last round. We are now in the sunny Caribbean and Rocco is back to full power sporting a pirate hat. We have also been credited with one free game for round four.

Click on the skull wheel to bet and continue your journey!

Collecting Free Games

The canon has been shot. We now have collected 2 free games to be used in Cubeland during the last round.

2 Free Games

Lets hope for a lot more canon shots and free games before we defeat Rocco.


Sabre Weapon

In Era of Piracy, the weapon used to defeat Rocco is now a Sabre. Great – 4 free games collected!

Rocco Defeated – 5 Free Games Collected

Rocco has just been defeated and fell over. But we have 5 Free Games.

Defeated Rocco


[ Viking Age – Round Three ]

With fresh scenery and power levels. We have now entered the Viking Age with a 1 x win mutiplier.

Bow and Arrow

The Bow and Arrow weapon is now giving us added win multipliers. We now have collected a 2x multiplier for the last round with the 5 free games.


Collecting win multipliers.

Battle Axe Weapon

In the Viking Age, the new weapon used on Rocco is the Battle Axe.

Rocco Defeated

Rocco is defeated again – now in the Viking Age.

[ Cubeeland – Round Four ]

In the last and final round, your free games and win multiplier are played automatically. If you set it on autoplay, be sure to stick around to see the real ending.



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